Is this website secure?

Our website is very secure. We use an SHA-256 bit SSL encryption and HTTP/2 to secure all traffic to and from the web server through our provider, Netlify. This is higher than the recommended industry standard to ensure a high level of security when transmitting sensitive information over the internet while providing faster web performance.

Additionally, Netlify takes that to the next level, putting our entire website on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store our content (HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc.) in multiple places around the globe and taking the load off our server. This means that our website is delivered as close to users as possible to avoid latency issues.

Netlify's Web Encryption Workflow

To read more with Netlify's security, click here to visit their website.

HTTPS by Let's Encrypt

The website receives its SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, the industry leaders in providing SSL certificates. The green lock icon and the "https:\\" address are other indications that this site is secure.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Provider